Sunday, January 25, 2015

Thanksgiving/Holiday Prep

Our holiday season flew by this year.  Once Halloween hit, suddenly it was like a few days went by and New Year's had arrived.  I still love the months of November and December, however fast or slow they may go. :) 

My cute in-laws surprised us last minute with a visit over Thanksgiving.  I was unfortunately working most of their visit during the weekend, but we still jammed in as much fun as we could.  We also went out to eat on Thanksgiving since I worked that day, and also wasn't going to make Devin or my mother-in-law cook a turkey in our apartment.  We made dinner reservations at Mimi's Cafe instead.  Eating out was actually a lot of fun!!  Very easy too.  I like a traditional Thanksgiving dinner (or two---love eating at multiple parties!), but this was honestly just as much fun!

(strangers could look at Devin and Whitney and initially wonder if they're husband and wife, but once you get closer you realize they are actually clones of each other and it is more likely they are related :))
(our chubby turkey hanging out with Grandpa during Black Friday shopping)
(Devin and my in-laws braving the Black Friday daytime shopping crowds with a double stroller and 2 little monkeys alone.......I was working)

(Bennett's new toy :))

Decorating for Christmas actually happened before Thanksgiving (I normally am a put the tree up AFTER Thanksgiving kind of person), but since our December was abbreviated in Phoenix, we put it up the week before Thanksgiving.

(opening his Christmas chest a night until Christmas Eve.  Or in our case, one a night until we left for Salt Lake, so we started early.)
We also did our annual visit to the Mesa Temple Christmas lights.  Always a fun event, however we seem to pick the worst nights to go in regards to weather every year.  This year we pretty much got rained out, so it was a very short visit!

The holidays are the best (and fastest!) time of year!  Sad to see them go, but the holiday season comes around again before we know it.  Might as well start Christmas shopping now! :)

Monday, January 5, 2015

Birthday Boy

I am finding that celebrating a birthday the day after Christmas is kind of difficult to do.  Poor Beau.  It's just a hard day to have a birthday party......everyone is tired, partied out, not in the mood to buy one more present, and also usually back to work (unless Christmas lands on a Friday or Saturday).  And for Devin and I, we added the complication of not being in our own house to celebrate his birthday, and I did not want to ask either grandma to host a birthday party. 

So, we did a sort-of repeat of his first birthday, and went to dinner at a favorite pizza place (at least we picked a different one this year!), and invited any and all family members who were available to come.  And in true great-family fashion, anyone who could come did so willingly, and brought gifts as well.  He was spoiled rotten.  (Both our boys were spoiled rotten between Christmas gifts and birthday gifts.)  Some day we will do a fun party that isn't doesn't involve donuts as a birthday cake and zero decorations.  Thank you to our wonderful families for celebrating Beau's THIRD birthday with us!!!  And happy birthday to our favorite 3 year old!!!
 (The birthday boy can sleep at his own party if he wants :)  He woke up right after this.)

 (Like last year, we re-lit the candle probably 15 times.  We finally had to just run out of matches to get him to stop asking. Note to self, buy a trick candle next year.)


Home (away from home) for the Holidays

Last year we spent the holidays in Arizona.  Devin was on-call, and I was 6 months pregnant.  It was a quiet (and sick----we all got the stomach flu) Christmas at home.  We had fun just our little family, and braved walking the mall 2 nights before Christmas just to watch everyone scramble to get shopping done last minute, but we both said we sort of missed not going to any Christmas parties.

This year, with a new job for me (that can travel with me---I love my job), Devin not on call, and no growing babies, we headed to Utah for a full holiday vacation!  My trip would be 2 weeks long since Callie was scheduled to come home the week before Christmas.  Devin made the trip up for her arrival home, and then we flew him back to Arizona to work for another week until he could fly back to spend Christmas with us. 

We had lots of fun, and packed in the events and entertainment.  Boy does time fly when you're having fun!!  (Seriously, though).  Our vacation in a nutshell included Callie coming home, meeting our new niece and nephew born in the last few months, Christmas, Beau's birthday, Callie's homecoming, and then a long drive home (trying to dodge the storm that brought a white Christmas and then stayed for the rest of the week!)  It was a nice change of scenery (I miss cold weather sometimes, although we came home to 40 degree weather here in Phoenix!).  It was fun to see our families, and be able to spend the holidays with everyone!  Thanks to all who hosted and entertained us while we were there!)
 Santa came early to our house---left his one and only gift----since we were leaving for Utah.  His birthday gift from mom and dad is a helmet to go with Santa's gift. :)
 Meeting Savanna for the first time!!  Blakelee's twin!!  And sadly, already 3 months old by the time we met her.

 Meeting Brady for the first time!  I think he was maybe a week old here?  So cute, and the first boy cousin for my boys on either side!
Temple Square--a must

 Other posts to come when I get caught up (I am the lone blogger these days, but that's okay).  We are now home and all 4 of us are recovering from colds.  We are back in our daily routine (a little slower paced than our whirlwind trip!), Beau continues to run circles around Bennett (which frustrates him since he can't crawl after him) and recovering the post holiday drag.  Although, it is nice to start fresh and get organized after the holidays once all the Christmas decorations are down.  And to note---Bennett is starting to furniture cruise like crazy, but not crawling, and Beau started Sunbeams today!!  Happy 2015, hopefully it's a great year (and hopefully we win the lottery!)