Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Boys: Part 2

(Parts 3-million coming in the future.  Bennett turned 6 months old last week, so an update was a must.) 
Bennett: 6 months
-sitting up!  (2 days shy of 6 months).  Boy does that age him.  Most days I still think he's my brand new baby, barely past a newborn.  But nope, sitting up means growing up.  I'm a little sad.  He's still a tad wobbly, so I put a blanket behind him in case he topples too hard, but that's becoming less and less frequent as the days go on. 
-weighs 16.6 pounds.  Overall 30% for weight/height.  Despite his rolls and the appearance of being very chunky, he's surprisingly on the small end. 
-no teeth yet, still a gummer.  I hate to see the gummer smile go, so I hope he stays toothless for a while.  (Beau got his first tooth at 7 months, so we'll see if Bennett follows suit)
-so happy, especially first thing in the morning or after he wakes up from a nap.  He loves loves loves Beau (most days).  He only belly laughs at Beau.  It's so cute to see them "playing" together.  Bennett is usually just sitting there watching Beau play and grabbing at whatever he can reach, but he watches Beau like a hawk.  He is a sweet baby.
-still so bald, although he finally has some blonde hair growing in!  The red/brown newborn mullet in the back is starting to fall out.
-likes baby food, but I don't think he loves the spoon (neither did Beau).  He actually loves table food already.  I'm okay with that!
-Sleeps great, although the definition of "great" is up for debate.  Not sleeping through the night, usually gets up once (sometimes twice), but I am not picky about that.  He'll sleep through the night when he's ready.  The little guy can't help that he's hungry, plus he's really fast.  But he naps well (usually 3 good naps a day), and puts himself to sleep in his crib.  He got his 6 month shots and I was thrilled he actually wanted to be held when he was ready for bed that night. :)
-Still loves his blankets and his binky.  He also loves to chew on his binky.  It's hilarious, especially when he looks up at me, grinning, with the binky going the wrong way (nipple parallel with his nose). 
-Everything goes in his mouth. We've hit that stage. :)  It's cute though.  It's the stage where he's still un-coordinated at grabbing things and his tongue is out before he's even started to pull the object to his mouth.
-Brown eyes!  (Such a stark contrast to Beau's blue eyes).  I think he actually looks a little like me, or at least my baby pictures.
-Is a momma's boy.  I love it. 

I can't believe he's already 6 months old.  I very specifically remember Beau at 6 months old, yet here we are 2 year later with another hitting that milestone.  He's still very little, very much a baby, but sadly is growing up despite my efforts to stop it from happening.  All joking, I love this little guy with all my heart!  I am completely smitten. 

Beau:  2 years 9 months
-talks, talks, talks.  Has picked up on certain phrases his parents (mostly his mom) likes to use such as "Serious, right now, butthead (woops), oh that's great, gotcha, and um".  I love that Beau can really communicate now.  Yes actually means yes, no actually means no, and he can answer my questions and tell me what he wants.  We're finally to the point where we have to be careful what we say.  He repeats everything, and remembers quite a bit.
-is still my happy Beau.  I think his smile might be the width of his entire face.  Although, he has learned to throw MAJOR tantrums lately.  Terrible two's hit a little late in the game maybe?  Not bad overall, but he can wig out when he wants to.  Fortunately, he's very distractible.  He loves to copy his dad, loves to play, loves to run, loves to ride his wiggle car (so fast that the back wheels get air).  He sleeps very well at night (and finally is transitioning into his own bed!!!  Hallelujah.  Parent-fail, but we learned our lesson.)
-potty trained.....ish.  I'd say we're 75% there.  He has the pee thing down, but is so scared to poop in the potty.  He will here and there, but is so inconsistent.  I am at a complete loss.  I've tried everything.  It feels like the longest potty-training session in history.  I am down to a few diapers left, and am so tempted to just not buy anymore.  But a part of me knows I'll cave and probably buy one more small package.  Suggestions, advice, please?? ?  Anyone who actually still reads this blog?? 
-is very tall for his age.  He is almost 39 inches, and every single time we go to the doctor he gets mistaken for being at least 3 if not older.  The last time we had Bennett in for a well-check, the pediatrician asked me what preschool beau goes to.  He was shocked when I told him he's not 3 yet. 
-loves treats, loves pizza (asks to go to "Cos-co" all the time), not a fan of plain cheese (still) and has to be convinced to eat a hot dog.  He is my little helper, and has suddenly gotten so easy!!  I used to dread taking him to the grocery store (mean, but honest), but now I leave Bennett home with Devin and Beau can come every time.  He just walks around the store with me.  He's my little buddy.
-very blonde, and getting blonder with all the time we've spent in the AZ sun the past few weeks.  He love to swim, I think we go to the pool every other day.  He's finally gotten brave enough to swim without me, so he just swims and swims.  Bennett gets in too, but he just sits on the steps with me. :)
-can count to 9 (I know, can't quite get to 10). but 6 and 7 usually get combined into one word.  Knows his age, Bennett's age (Bennett is zero---how do you explain to a two year old a baby's age by month?), knows where he lives, where grandma lives, that dad works at the "ho-pital" with the "sick peoples", mom works on the phone, and grandpa works at the office.
-every time he sees a football game, says "Go Utes!".  Awesome
-Is very into Thomas the Train, Cars, and Curious George
-Doesn't really nap anymore.  He probably needs them, but he needs them so late in the day that he'd be up until 2am if I actually let him nap that late.  Usually he'll just build up to a nap once every few days or so.  He goes to bed between 8-9 every night.
-is my sweetheart.  He randomly kisses my check all the time.  I got so lucky with him.  Truly.

Life is good.  I am so exhausted most days, but these 2 little guys are everything to me.  There's the update for now, I'm sure another will make its appearance sooner than later.  They grow so fast!!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Lake Powell Labor Day



Thursday, September 11, 2014


The beginnings of a sometimes love/hate relationship, but gosh they're cute together!!  These two have my whole heart.  (some not-so-recent pictures included.....)

(the "S" puzzle is related to something else, but they were both smiling!!)
(Bennett laughing at Beau.  And sitting up by himself for about 10 seconds before face-planting!)