Tuesday, March 24, 2015

St. Patrick's Day: Bennett turns ONE

Our sweet baby is a baby no more.  That may have been the fastest year in history.  Details from both Beau and Bennett's deliveries are so fresh in my mind, yet somehow a full year has gone by since our newest little guy was born.  Time goes so very fast.  Some days I find myself looking forward to them being a little older (does that make me mother of the year?), yet at the same time I am heartbroken that the baby/toddler years will be so very brief.  Some day, much sooner than I realize, other things/people will consume their days, and mom won't be quite so neat anymore.  I look at Bennett's pudgy little size 2 feet, and think to myself, "Please stay one forever.". 

Bennett started off his birthday morning early, pulling all the toilet paper off the roll, trying to ride Beau's bike like a big kid, and unloading my pots and pans.
I gathered as many green birthday supplies as I could, and then loaded the boys up to walk to the mall to buy Bennett his birthday cupcake (proudly wearing green for our St. Patricks' Day birthday boy).  I bought one for Beau too---I knew he'd feel bad if he didn't have one also, and there is no explaining to a 3 year old that the party is exactly for him.

We ran to Party City after Bennett napped to get birthday balloons (destined for green balloons forever!)
And frosted the green cake for the rest of us to have a birthday treat.
Devin got home from work, and we attempted to celebrate our little one year old.  It turned into more of a cake everywhere, Bennett wanted out of the highchair, blurry pictures kind of thing, but that's okay.  :) 

Bennett was pretty unsure about his birthday candle until Beau helped blow it out.  Then it was great.


Note to self for next year, buy Beau a candle too.  I thought ahead and bought him his own birthday cupcake (which he didn't touch), but he was devastated the candle wasn't for him.  Poor guy.  When Bennett wanted out, we gave Beau a turn in the birthday chair.

Happiest birthday to our cute little walking one year old!  Our own personal lucky charm.  (St. Patrick's Day used to be one of the holidays I all but forgot out, but no longer.  I will be wearing green every March 17 from now until forever.)  We love you so very much, Bennett!!

Ski Weekend

I pretty much ski once a year now, and it's on this trip.  (Devin and I both always talk about driving to Flagstaff one of these winters to see how their skiing compares.  We have yet to do it.)

My equipment is all 15+ years old or borrowed, but it gets me down the hill just fine!  Most of our group does not snowboard (if you can believe that), so we always ski at Deer Valley where you can only ski.  It is the funnest trip, and my parents have the best weather luck.  We have yet to do this ski trip in bad weather (knock on wood). 

Thanks for a great weekend mom and dad!  (And eventually we'll have a few more little snowbunnies coming down the hill---I think Brooklyn and Beau are old enough to learn next year!).