Sunday, September 14, 2014

Lake Powell Labor Day



Thursday, September 11, 2014


The beginnings of a sometimes love/hate relationship, but gosh they're cute together!!  These two have my whole heart.  (some not-so-recent pictures included.....)

(the "S" puzzle is related to something else, but they were both smiling!!)
(Bennett laughing at Beau.  And sitting up by himself for about 10 seconds before face-planting!)

Checking off our Summer To-Do list

While staying in Utah was in no way our original plan, a couple weeks turned into a month which turned into a few months thanks to Devin and I having conflicting work schedules and no set babysitter until September.  We are home now (and so happy to be so!), but we appreciated our families' help very much this summer.  Like, more than they'll ever know.  They helped us out so much with not very much notice or planning.  We miss you fam.  Thank you, and we love you.

While work felt like the story of my life (sorry mom, thanks for babysitting!), being in Utah for a longer chunk of time this summer provided for a lot of opportunities to see friends and family and do typical Utah summer activities.  We had lots of fun between all that work!!  I am never one not to take advantage of a good opportunity, and letting Beau interact with his cousins and other kids so often was so good for him!!  I think he might have aged a year or two this summer.  (example #1:  potty training Beau.  His older cousin set a good example.  He decided he was ready!)  We did see Devin often (the definition of "often" is up for debate depending on who you ask, right? :).  But hallelujah, he is no longer on call after this month.  Hopefully these random long chunks of time apart are a officially part of our student/residency past from this point on.  (We would probably do a few things differently if given the chance to re-do school/residency!  But hindsight is 20/20, no point in dwelling on it now.)

More for Sister Firth's benefit, here is a quick run-down of some of our attempt to complete a summer bucket list............

Beta get-together (how I love these girls!!  They will forever be a part of my life no matter where life takes us all!  We are all surprised at some of the curve balls that have been thrown our way, but are thankful for the support of great friends in times of need.)  Missed those who couldn't come!:
Bike Ride up Provo Canyon (I am so out of shape by the way, Bennett was 2-ish months old in these pictures):

Memorial Day at the cabin (Bennett 10 weeks old):

Grandpa's work party at Lagoon:

Bike Rides around the block & picnics in the garage:

Playdate with Londyn and Abby who were visiting Utah as well (the romance continues!).  How we love and miss our friends!!:
Aunt Whit's work party at the new Aquarium:


 Cousins swimming in the backyard (swimming suits optional):
Swimming lessons (swimming suits not optional!):

Temple Square/City Creek:
Stadium of Fire 4th of July (Carrie Underwood was amazing!!):

(How cute is this picture?  Sleeping newborns are just the cutest!  They're like puppies.  They just drop where they're at and fall asleep, and adults can't help but stare at them all day long and get nothing done.  Am I right?)
Turned 30 (still can't figure out how I got that old.  Thirty!!  And excuse my eyes (here and in the 4th of July pics)....I had styes removed from both eyes that I got while pregnant with Bennett.  I was only 5 days out from surgery, and still very swollen and bruised.):
Watching 24th of July fireworks:

My parents' ward campout:


Aquarium for Grandma's Work Party (popular place!):

Girls sleepover at the cabin:

 Daybreak Reservoir with my sisters and our sisters-in-law:
BBQ up Millcreek Canyon:

Family Weddings (congrats Ty & Nat, and Cole & Alejandra!):

Finding out we have another Bland cousin coming!  (congrats Eric and Ape!)  All 6 cousins pictured below, 2 were cooking at the time this was taken.  Griffin and Kristin just had baby girl Savanna this week!  Congrats Griff, Kristin, and Blakelee on the adorable new addition!! Can't wait to meet her!

(not sure why this won't rotate??)
 Summer wrap-up complete!  We are back to the AZ heat, re-acclimating a little bit again because summer is nowhere near over here, but happy to be home!  Picture below of Dr Dev because he gets left off the blog a little too much.  He may kill me for posting this picture (he sent it as an inside joke one day), but he'll get over it. :)  He looks so official, and it was a good reminder of the fact that we are 5 years into this whole process!  Some days I forget we are not actually students anymore.  It was a must-post. :)