Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day

So much of motherhood---like so many things in life---has taken me by surprise.  Like how hard it is.  And how messy (so messy!!) it is.  And exhausting.  And not on my schedule one little bit.  And emotionally draining.  And stressful.  And anxious.  And all-consuming.  And heartbreaking.  And frustrating.  And I-thought-I-was-tired-when-I-worked-graveyards-but-then-had-kids-and-discovered-what-tired-really-was.  And it's also probably the BEST. THING. EVER. 

While I won't lie about how demanding becoming a parent has been, it is also one of the most rewarding things---if not THE most rewarding thing---I have ever experienced.  These two little boys have my whole heart.  I think they are perfect, and hope they always know even a little bit how wonderful they really are.  They couldn't be more opposite in so many ways, yet are so similar in so many other ways!  I think about them growing up into boys/teenagers/men/husbands/fathers some day and I'm excited to see who and what they become. 

I know some days--a lot of days--I'm a complete failure as a mother.  I am nothing compared to so many other great women/moms in this world.  I have to try not to focus on others too much.  But I can only hope that they will grow up knowing I gave my very best.  That I have tried my best to teach them all I can to be good people.  That they will know they are perfect, and to always strive to be GOOD.  Because some day, they too will be parents.  It'll be their turn to have their hearts go walking around outside their bodies in the form of a little person.  I never knew how great my parents (and other so many amazing parental figures) were in my life until I had kids myself.  (Okay, I always knew my parents were great, but having kids myself just really reinforced that knowledge).  I sure love these two little guys, and am so grateful they are mine forever!


(pictures taken in March for Bennett's first birthday)

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Annual girls/kids trip to Mesquite

Every spring break that we go to Mesquite, people ask me, "What's in Mesquite?"  Besides the hotel we stay at, basically just a Pizza Hut, our next door McDonalds, and a Walmart! :)  But we love this little Easter tradition.  It's 3 days of total relaxation (maybe not relaxing with kids, but nice all the same), sun, chatting, and poolside daiquiris.  Beau talked about the "big hotel" for a solid week.  Some day the location of our spring break pool vacation may change, but whether it does or does not, this is a trip I look forward to each year.  (And thanks mom for letting me stay with you!)
(early morning drive (hoping to arrive by noon) calls for a few pit stops)

 (those famous daiquiris--I budgeted for one a day!)
 (cousins in their matching suits (in the smoky casino) headed to the pool)

 (best attempt at a group shot of the grandkids)

 (sunscreen hair, need I say more)


 (Whit turned 27 on this trip, so we decorated her door.  And I am realizing I don't have a single picture of her (and her pregnant belly) from this trip)


Until next time!