Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Little dudes

For no other reason than I thought these pictures were cute, I am posting them!  (Yes I did match them on purpose.  And I took their picture because I needed an updated one for a family Christmas video.) 
I would make a whole bunch of comments about how crazy/tiring/wonderful motherhood is, and how much I love them, but no need.  Plus I'm tired.  I just love them.  That's all.  .
Beau: almost 3, Bennett: almost 9 months
(Also attempt # 9,247,345 to get a decent shot of both of them.  And hello blue eyes vs brown eyes)
(Cute little brothers.  They really are buddies despite having a love-hate relationship sometimes.)
(Aaaaaaaaaaaaand reality in a picture. :)  That's more like it, right??)

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Phoenix Temple

The Phoenix temple was announced in 2008 prior to Devin and I coming to Arizona for podiatry school (2009).  I remember when we got here thinking it would be built quickly because they did a bunch of ward building shuffling soon after we got here due to the building next to the temple lot now being unavailable during construction.

Work did not end up starting for 2 years.  (Every temple trip during our time in school here ended up being to the Mesa temple.)  Abby and I actually used to run right by the temple lot space while training for our marathon.  I remember when they finally put up the construction fence thinking we might see it finished.  They broke ground in June 2011, but work was slow.  We moved while it was in the initial phases of construction.

Now, back in Arizona for residency, we have watched the work on the temple be completed.  3.5 years later we got to see the finished product!  It is beautiful!  I am so glad we were here to see it.  The open house has been going on all month, and the temple dedication is this Sunday. 

The Phoenix temple is the 5th temple in Arizona, and (I think) will be the 144th operating temple world-wide.  Pretty neat to a part of it!
 (bus ride over to the parking lot)

Monday, November 3, 2014

Bennett: 7 months

-has two itty-bitty bottom teeth coming in (SO sad to see the gummer smile go!!  Baby teeth are adorable, but how I love that new baby toothless grin!)
-has finally decided he can roll from his back to his tummy on a regular basis rather than just getting lucky
-may crawl sooner than I thought.  He is always bouncing and leaning, and attempts to go forward on all fours but ends up sprawling on his tummy to get whatever he wants
-has blonde hair growing in, and quickly!  (Sometimes it lays down in a comb-over.....we call him Donald Trump.  This poor baby has had so many nicknames!)
-is NOT sleeping through the night, hasn't for a solid 6 weeks.  (Teeth-related maybe?).  I am so SO tired.  He's worth it, but I could go for a really long nap.  I am depleting the world's diet pepsi stash quickly.
-has an opinion on most things. :)  It's not hard to figure out what he wants or doesn't want
-has started to lean (and flap) for the person he wants.  (which is usually me, although he did flap for Devin the other day)
-loves to play, especially with Beau
-loves the tub, and can splash a surprising amount of water out of the tub with those chubby thighs :)
-refuses baby food.  He'll eat regular food, but not a lot of it.  Weaning off of nursing eventually may be harder than I thought (but hallelujah, we are still nursing!)
-loves his binky.  This baby can sneeze and smile, and still keep his binky in.
-is a chatterbox when he wants to be, I love baby babbling
-has the exact same dimple as Beau and Devin, I love that both boys inherited it
-is starting to grasp at things with his fingers rather than his whole hand
-is still my chunky monkey.  Beau goes in to his room every time he wakes up from a nap, climbs up on the side rail, and says, "Hi big fatty!"  Listening to his mom a little too closely?
-has started giving me big open-mouthed slobbery kisses (!!!).  How I love him.  He grabs my head (or my hair, back of my neck, whatever his little fists find first), and goes in for it!  I love this age.
-has the most adorable smile.  He smiles with his whole face---big brown eyes and all.  I love him.
Time is flying.  He'll be crawling/walking before we know it!  Approaching 8 months old quickly!

(because this might be one of my all-time favorite pictures ever!)

Halloween 2014

(ward trunk-or-treat)
Cutest doctor and patient I ever did see!! 
 (We are in the phase of life where new costumes every year won't happen.  Thanks to kind grandmas, we haven't bought a costume yet!).  So, as much as I was eye-balling the firefighter costume at Costco, we re-used Beau's costume from last year since it still fit. :))  Bennett's was a borrowed patient gown, we had to stay with the theme! :)

Carving pumpkins--inside where it was air-conditioned!  That is still weird to me, even after spending 5 Halloweens in Phoenix.  We carve literally the night before so our pumpkins don't rot, and we have yet to be below 93 during the day on Halloween.  (P.S.  the glow in the dark paint doesn't actually glow, even with the black light we used.  Hence the funny looking pumpkins.  We won't use that kit again next year. :))

Beau really got the idea of trick-or-treating this year.  He had no fear, unless there was a talking monster on the porch or something.  Lots of fun listening to him say trick-or-treat and thank you.  Although, with that lack of fear comes the understanding he can actually EAT all that candy.  Which he tried to.  I have now found a good hiding place for it.  (He for sure has his mom's sweet tooth.)  Bennett just rode around in the stroller, taking it all in. 

Holidays with kids are so fun.  It will be so fun to be in a house some day passing out candy.  We rarely get trick-or-treaters in apartment complexes.  Devin and I both have gone trick-or-treating with Beau in the past, but leave candy at home on the porch.  This year we didn't even do that.....we took candy to the trunk-or-treat instead. 

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Potty Training Beau

This is one of those posts for documentation purposes only.  Feel free to skip reading all about all the toileting fun at our house. :)

I have to give 95% of the potty-training credit to Beau himself.  Because quite honestly, he really kind of just did it on his own.  Beau has shown interest here and there to potty-train since before he turned 2 in December.  He even used the little potty a few times in the months before Bennett was born with encouragement from Devin and I.  We knew he was really starting to show signs of being ready, but I just didn't know if he was to a communication level where we could do it successfully.  And with a new baby coming, I just decided to wait (as much as I really didn't want 2 kids in diapers). 

Then the summer happened, and we found ourselves in Utah for a long period of time, and I had zero intention of potty training at Grandma's house.  However, Beau had different ideas.  One day he told me he needed to go potty, and I in turn, 100% ignored him.  Because he tells me that ALL the time, and it really means he bored and wants attention.  But then suddenly he was calling out to me that he went potty, and I came upstairs to find him sitting on the toilet, stripped of clothing from the waist down, grinning at me.  Sure enough, pee in the toilet (and all over the floor because little boys can't aim). :)  I was so proud of him---he's never used the big toilet before--- so I cheered and made a big deal of it and gave him a potty treat.....but doubted he'd do it again for months.  And I was curious how he got himself ON the big toilet. 

However, 30 mins later, he tells me he needs to go pee again.  So I told him to go, and watched him repeat the process successfully.  (He is tall enough to kind of jump on the toilet come to find out!)  He continued to do so for the rest of the day until he went to bed (wearing a diaper though!).  After him successfully using the potty for 2 days, I decided to let him go for it.  And he got the pee thing down very quickly!  Including naps and bedtime. 

Using the potty for the other end proved to be much more difficult for Beau.  He actually initially was fairly successful, but then one day decided he was afraid to use the potty.  I tried literally everything.  Potty prizes, candy, naked method, pull-ups, everything!  Nothing worked.  He was so inconsistent!!!  Any time he needed to go, he would ask for a diaper.  If I refused, he would just hold it.  For days.  And then scheduling would catch up to us, we'd need to be somewhere, and he'd get to wear a diaper or pull-up in the car.  He was smart enough to figure that one out quickly, and would take advantage of it!

I wondered if I let him potty train too early, if maybe he wasn't ready.  But it's so hard to turn back once you start, so we just continued.  We came home to Arizona, and life seemed even busier.  I felt so bad that we couldn't just take a week to really let him figure it out.  But then, one day, he kind of just got it.  Slowly, and with a lot of encouragement---but he got it.  Once he was successful a few times at home, within 2 weeks he was fully potty trained and trustworthy in public.  I never did end up buying another pack of diapers after buying the pack we came home with.  So, we're there!!  It is so great only buying diapers for Bennett.  And little boy underwear is adorable. :)  I know, I am lame. 

I still have to make him go potty sometimes (he'd play and play if I let him, even when I KNOW he needs to go), and if we don't limit his fluid intake before bed he'll pee the bed.  But, we're there.  It is wonderful.  I am proud of him.  He really kind of potty-trained himself.  It took a little longer than I would have liked once we really decided to go for it (I wonder if I'll wait a little longer with Bennett), but there was no way I was going to refuse to let him try when he did it on his own!  While I hate to see my kids grow up too fast, potty training is one thing I will take as early as it can happen!  Here's to cute underwear bums and a cheaper diaper bill! :)  Way to go Beau, we love you!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Beau goes to "preschool"

Some cute friends of mine arranged a little 2-day-a-week preschool, and invited us to join.  It has been the funnest thing!  (And all the moms enjoy the opportunity to run an errand or two without kids, or at least mobile kids!)  We all take turns being the teacher and the "helper", and the kids learn one letter & one color per class.  It's only for an hour (and for only 6 weeks because most are moving soon), but it has been so fun!! 

I think Beau has truly loved it.  And he may actually be learning things, too!  I think it's been a good way to teach these little ones how to sit through a structured lesson and pay attention (for all 5 minutes).  After his first day Devin asked Beau what he learned, and he responded, "A is for apple".  ZERO prompting from me, nor had I asked him at all what he learned that day.  I was shocked.  And proud.  Especially when days later I heard him singing part of the ABC song (100% of the credit goes to a computer he has that sings it for him). He in no way knows his letters, and everything is "blue", but hey--he's trying! :)  Cute Beau.  Weird to see him wearing a back-pack (a.k.a "pack-pack like Brooklyn").  Between wearing underwear and going to "school", it feels like a year or two went by without me noticing! 

Thank you to my cute friends for including us.  Again, what would I do without awesome friends?  Seriously, I have been on the receiving end of their random acts of kindness way more often than I'd like to admit.  Some day it'll be the reverse!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Boys: Part 2

(Parts 3-million coming in the future.  Bennett turned 6 months old last week, so an update was a must.) 
Bennett: 6 months
-sitting up!  (2 days shy of 6 months).  Boy does that age him.  Most days I still think he's my brand new baby, barely past a newborn.  But nope, sitting up means growing up.  I'm a little sad.  He's still a tad wobbly, so I put a blanket behind him in case he topples too hard, but that's becoming less and less frequent as the days go on. 
-weighs 16.6 pounds.  Overall 30% for weight/height.  Despite his rolls and the appearance of being very chunky, he's surprisingly on the small end. 
-no teeth yet, still a gummer.  I hate to see the gummer smile go, so I hope he stays toothless for a while.  (Beau got his first tooth at 7 months, so we'll see if Bennett follows suit)
-so happy, especially first thing in the morning or after he wakes up from a nap.  He loves loves loves Beau (most days).  He only belly laughs at Beau.  It's so cute to see them "playing" together.  Bennett is usually just sitting there watching Beau play and grabbing at whatever he can reach, but he watches Beau like a hawk.  He is a sweet baby.
-still so bald, although he finally has some blonde hair growing in!  The red/brown newborn mullet in the back is starting to fall out.
-likes baby food, but I don't think he loves the spoon (neither did Beau).  He actually loves table food already.  I'm okay with that!
-Sleeps great, although the definition of "great" is up for debate.  Not sleeping through the night, usually gets up once (sometimes twice), but I am not picky about that.  He'll sleep through the night when he's ready.  The little guy can't help that he's hungry, plus he's really fast.  But he naps well (usually 3 good naps a day), and puts himself to sleep in his crib.  He got his 6 month shots and I was thrilled he actually wanted to be held when he was ready for bed that night. :)
-Still loves his blankets and his binky.  He also loves to chew on his binky.  It's hilarious, especially when he looks up at me, grinning, with the binky going the wrong way (nipple parallel with his nose). 
-Everything goes in his mouth. We've hit that stage. :)  It's cute though.  It's the stage where he's still un-coordinated at grabbing things and his tongue is out before he's even started to pull the object to his mouth.
-Brown eyes!  (Such a stark contrast to Beau's blue eyes).  I think he actually looks a little like me, or at least my baby pictures.
-Is a momma's boy.  I love it. 

I can't believe he's already 6 months old.  I very specifically remember Beau at 6 months old, yet here we are 2 year later with another hitting that milestone.  He's still very little, very much a baby, but sadly is growing up despite my efforts to stop it from happening.  All joking, I love this little guy with all my heart!  I am completely smitten. 

Beau:  2 years 9 months
-talks, talks, talks.  Has picked up on certain phrases his parents (mostly his mom) likes to use such as "Serious, right now, butthead (woops), oh that's great, gotcha, and um".  I love that Beau can really communicate now.  Yes actually means yes, no actually means no, and he can answer my questions and tell me what he wants.  We're finally to the point where we have to be careful what we say.  He repeats everything, and remembers quite a bit.
-is still my happy Beau.  I think his smile might be the width of his entire face.  Although, he has learned to throw MAJOR tantrums lately.  Terrible two's hit a little late in the game maybe?  Not bad overall, but he can wig out when he wants to.  Fortunately, he's very distractible.  He loves to copy his dad, loves to play, loves to run, loves to ride his wiggle car (so fast that the back wheels get air).  He sleeps very well at night (and finally is transitioning into his own bed!!!  Hallelujah.  Parent-fail, but we learned our lesson.)
-potty trained.....ish.  I'd say we're 75% there.  He has the pee thing down, but is so scared to poop in the potty.  He will here and there, but is so inconsistent.  I am at a complete loss.  I've tried everything.  It feels like the longest potty-training session in history.  I am down to a few diapers left, and am so tempted to just not buy anymore.  But a part of me knows I'll cave and probably buy one more small package.  Suggestions, advice, please?? ?  Anyone who actually still reads this blog?? 
-is very tall for his age.  He is almost 39 inches, and every single time we go to the doctor he gets mistaken for being at least 3 if not older.  The last time we had Bennett in for a well-check, the pediatrician asked me what preschool beau goes to.  He was shocked when I told him he's not 3 yet. 
-loves treats, loves pizza (asks to go to "Cos-co" all the time), not a fan of plain cheese (still) and has to be convinced to eat a hot dog.  He is my little helper, and has suddenly gotten so easy!!  I used to dread taking him to the grocery store (mean, but honest), but now I leave Bennett home with Devin and Beau can come every time.  He just walks around the store with me.  He's my little buddy.
-very blonde, and getting blonder with all the time we've spent in the AZ sun the past few weeks.  He love to swim, I think we go to the pool every other day.  He's finally gotten brave enough to swim without me, so he just swims and swims.  Bennett gets in too, but he just sits on the steps with me. :)
-can count to 9 (I know, can't quite get to 10). but 6 and 7 usually get combined into one word.  Knows his age, Bennett's age (Bennett is zero---how do you explain to a two year old a baby's age by month?), knows where he lives, where grandma lives, that dad works at the "ho-pital" with the "sick peoples", mom works on the phone, and grandpa works at the office.
-every time he sees a football game, says "Go Utes!".  Awesome
-Is very into Thomas the Train, Cars, and Curious George
-Doesn't really nap anymore.  He probably needs them, but he needs them so late in the day that he'd be up until 2am if I actually let him nap that late.  Usually he'll just build up to a nap once every few days or so.  He goes to bed between 8-9 every night.
-is my sweetheart.  He randomly kisses my check all the time.  I got so lucky with him.  Truly.

Life is good.  I am so exhausted most days, but these 2 little guys are everything to me.  There's the update for now, I'm sure another will make its appearance sooner than later.  They grow so fast!!